SIP-004: STFX Staking V1

Proposed by JakeXBT & MustStopMurad.


The STFX DAO has large ambitions with regards to token utility. The endgame vision is to have the $STFX token have a 4-fold functionality, including but not limited to:

  • Work / Medallion / XP Boosting
  • Utility / Fee Discounts / Fee Rebates
  • Revenue Sharing
  • Governance-through-Staking

In order to enact this functionality, we propose developing a staking mechanism for the $STFX token which incentivises users to time-lock $STFX in a staking contract and receive $gSTFX in exchange.

The defining principle is that staked $gSTFX should accrue outsized economic benefits and utility features, and holders should be given optionality on the duration and rewards of electing to stake their $STFX tokens into $gSTFX for variable periods of time. Longer maturity tokens will accrue benefits at a higher rate than shorter maturity, to properly align time preference.


Explained as part of a 1-page whitepaper produced by both proposers. This proposal was discussed extensively with the STFX community and their feedback was incorporated:


How do unvested tokens work within this framework? (i.e. Seed et al)

I can’t see where to vote (1st time), would someone care to explain? Thank you!

Hi Jason,

As part of this proposal, unvested tokens wouldn’t form part of this framework, since the intention is for $gSTFX to accrue many of the benefits of the platform including fee sharing later on for which inclusion would significantly dilute value for liquid $STFX holders.

Hi @General.Krang,

Voting will take place on the STFX snapshot early next week, this forum is designed to be a place to discuss and modify the proposal before voting goes live.

This proposal has proceeded to Snapshot vote at: